If This Bottle Could Talk with Andrew Noy Famisaran

What if your Mizu bottle could tell a story of its own? In this blog series ‘If This Bottle Could Talk”, we’re telling the stories of our customer’s bottles that they’ve held onto and reused for years of countless adventures. First up: Andrew Noy Famisaran’s Spearmint M8.

If this bottle could talk, it would probably say something like damn Andrew why don’t you try cleaning me more often! Haha.

- Bottle: M8
- Purchase Date: May 2015.
- Estimated Distance Travelled: 90,000+
- Borders Crossed: ~10
- Estimated Plastic Bottles Saved: 1,946

My name is Andrew Noy Famisaran, I’m originally from Loma Linda, California but am currently living in beautiful Encinitas in North County San Diego. I’m 34 years old and I spend every spare moment I get riding my bike, surfing, camping, hiking, sailing, kayaking… you get it, basically anything outside. I’ve logged a lot of miles these past couple of years, and, while the method of transportation was always different, I’ve always had this M8 by my side. This bottle has seen as many amazing places around the world as I have.

My buddy Kevin gifted this bottle to me in May 2015. It was originally a spearmint glossy M8, but I’ve since put this thing through the ringer. It has lost a little paint and gained a lot of character, I love every scratch and dent that I’ve put on this thing. Every mark reminds me of the amazing sites I’ve seen and the adventures I’ve had.

All in all, I’d say this bottle has travelled well over 90,000 miles. This took me a minute to calculate, but I’ve taken my M8 on the R2AK sailboat race from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska, to the beautiful beaches of Thailand, bike packing down the western coast of the U.S., on countless road trips to surf in Baja from San Diego, and more.

The R2AK race was definitely my most memorable trip with this bottle. The 750 mile route took us up the coast of British Columbia, along the coast of Vancouver Island, Graham Island, and the mainland while weaving through hundreds of small islands along the the way. No motor, no support, just the power of the wind and a small crew working sleepless nights to get there as fast as we could. A Pirate Look at 30, is what we called ourselves in a nod to Jimmy Buffet. We ended up making the journey in 12 days, 1 hour, and 29 minutes, which put us in 16th place. The first team finished in just 3 days and 20 hours! In the end, I had never felt so accomplished in my life. Oh, and I had my trusty M8 with me the entire way.

Using it everyday for so long you would think I’d upgrade to a newer, cleaner, and less dented bottle. But I don’t. I’ll keep reusing this thing for as long as I can. Based off of my day-to-day usage rate, it’s safe to say that I’ve refilled this thing at least 1,946 times. I find myself filling this thing twice a day, but on many outdoor trips I’m refilling 3-4 times per day, so it could easily be more.

If my bottle could talk, it would probably say something like, “Damn Andrew why don’t you try cleaning me more often! Haha!”

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