Artist Spotlight: Tierney Moses


Tierney Moses is a Southern California artist, surfer, and friend of the Mizu family. We recently stopped by her backyard studio in Oceanside, CA to catch up and chat about her career as an artist. She's finishing up the new Leucadia street banners that'll be on display along highway 101, using a hotel key card as her brush.

Let's start with the basics. Tell us about yourself (age, hometown, hobbies, etc.)

I grew up in the small beach town, Indian Rock Beach, FL, along the Gulf of Mexico. I’m 29 years old and also love to surf, travel, skate, 35mm photography, and dyeing fabrics.

How'd you get into painting?

I actually grew up with the dreams of being a national geographic photographer and spent my summers in the dark room at a local art camp (when I wasn’t in the water). In college, my photography curriculum changed from film to digital in the first year. I was super bummed about the switch and decided to move onto a painting degree. The thought of becoming a master of an age-old trade fascinates me. It seems like only the greatest of things stick around that long.

tierney-moses tierney-moses tierney-moses

What are your favorite mediums and tools of choice? Weirdest "brush" you've ever used?

My favorite medium is, hands down, oil paint. The pigment is so bright and the consistency matches that of buttery clay or mud.

My weirdest “brush” would have to be from my current painting. I have been using an old hotel key card, a cut up gift card, and now your Top Golf membership card.

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my hobbies. They really ground and re-energize me to keep working. I love the muted colors of dawn patrol and the patterns you see along the cliffs…but it’s hard to be inspired everyday. Success was really all about painting on the days I didn’t feel inspired or the urge to paint.

Favorite Mizu Product?

Lately i've been spending long days out here in the studio. The V5 has been my go to for warm coffee or tea all day long!


Where can we find/follow more of your work?

Throughout the year I participate in a variety of art shows, galleries, and collaborations. They are all announced on my social media platforms.