Featured Artist: Lisa Marie

In combination with our new Tumbler 16 and Straw launch, we decided we wanted to amp things up by collaborating with an amazing artist, Lisa Marie. Her illustrations inspired us, and we felt they fully support the Mizu mantra... enjoy the journey, leave nothing behind. Shop Now >

"I'm crazy in love with art, adventure and the outdoors and I've weaved them together into a career as a freelance illustrator. Growing up in the Chicago burbs has caused me to live with a crazy amount of wanderlust for wild places. Traveling and exploring different mountain ranges and coastlines have been a huge part of my life since I started freelancing in the Outdoor Industry. On trips, I try to take in as much as I can by creating and sharing my experiences through art. Since day one, my business mission statement has been: be creative, help others and protect the earth. I make it a goal to intentionally work with companies that are helping give back to people and the environment. I’m super stoked to work with Mizu on some artwork for their re-usable products and help get people inspired to go on more adventures outside!"

- Lisa Marie



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