Artist Spotlight: Peter-John de Villiers of Shallowtree


Peter-John de Villiers of Shallowtree is an artist living in Stadlandet, Norway whose art addresses human connection to nature. We traveled to Stadlandet, Norway to check out PJ’s studio and explore his source of inspiration.

PJ created this exclusive Mizu piece inspired by Stadlandet that can be purchased for a limited time on “Stadlandet feels like home. The ocean, the weather, the mountains. This piece was inspired by surfing in Hoddevik”


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Tell us a little about yourself (your hometown, your hobbies)

I live in Stadlandet, Norway - by today’s standards, I think it is quite remote. We are surrounded by big mountains and the ocean. I spend a lot of time surfing, snowboarding, and enjoying time out in nature. 



How did you get into illustration?

I have always been creative and into making things, I just never lost the interest or motivation, I love it too much. 

What are your favorite mediums and tools of choice? 

I have explored many types of mediums over the years, but I consistently keep coming back to painting and drawing. I love the contrast of the simplicity of the tools and the infinite possibilities.



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Where do you find inspiration for your artwork?

Inspiration is found in everything, and it shows up at anytime - I find that if I keep healthy balance of exploring and working, they feed each other nicely.


Where can we follow more of your work?


Instagram: @theshallowtree


Video by Peter Foshaug 


Photos by Camilla Monsen