5 Uses for a M5

m5 uses

Of course you can use your M5 for water, that's obvious. But get creative with it, there are tons of uses for this bottle...Don't believe what us See 5 unconventional uses of the M5 below.


1. Rolling Pin

Don’t have a rolling pin lying around? No need! Grab your M5 and get the job done.

2. Dumbbells

Need an impromptu workout? Fill that puppy with sand or dirt and get to lifting!

3. Portable Volcano

Got an upcoming science project? The M5 doubles perfectly as a volcano setup!

4. Whiskey Bottle

Water not your thing? No Worries! Fill that M5 up with your favorite spirits.

5. Nun Chucks

You never know when you’re gonna need a set of nun chucks. Use your rope leash, tie two together and protect yourself!

Now there you have it. 5 uses for a M5 that you never knew existed! You're welcome.

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