Promoting Positivity


In times like these, we all need a little positive inspiration. We asked our Mizu Ambassadors from all over the world to share their perspective with us to shine light on the good.

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Jeremy Jones

Mizu Ambassador & Snowboarder

Location: Sandy, Utah





It is a strange time, that’s fo' sho. However, I have had so many grateful feelings the past month. I've had more engaged time with my family, and them with me - their normal daily distractions aren’t firing at them on the steady. When I’m out in the woods, alone walking, or scoot’n around on my bike, it’s peaceful, even more quiet and Mother Earth seems relieved and pleased with the break from her daily trampling. Strange time - no doubt - What an opportunity to see things from a entirely never experienced, extremely unique and once in a lifetime perspective. I want to come out strong and more experienced, with more clarity and honest feeling for my reality, I don’t see another way. - Jeremy Jones 


Liz Clark

Mizu Ambassador, Surfer, Sailor, Writer and Environmentalist

Location: Huahine, French Polynesia





Within any adversity, lies opportunity. This is a rare hiatus from our demanding routines, providing a moment to think about where we are in our lives, and where we are going. More time to be present--with ourselves and our loved ones. Time to reflect. Time to dream. Time to remember what's truly important. I love that it's reminding us all to be resourceful and do more with less, too. And I can feel Mama Earth taking a big deep breath, and that makes me smile! - Liz Clark 


Skye Walker 

Mizu Ambassador & Artist

Location: Oceanside, California




The Beauty of the Sea Will Always be with Me. - Skye Walker


Jussi Oksanen

Mizu Founder, Mizu Ambassador & Former Pro Snowboarder

Location: Cardiff, California





These last few weeks our family has realized how little we really need to be happy and healthy.  We value our bikes, our yard, our kitchen and each other. The simple life is a good life! - Jussi Oksanen



Maria Kuzma 

Mizu Ambassador, Snowboarder, Surfer, and Architect

Location: Mayrhofen, Austria





Nature never hurries, it took a global pandemic to force me to slow down, catch up on sleep and enjoy a simple walk through the forest. - Maria Kuzma 


Lex Balladon 

Mizu Ambassador & Pro Wakeboarder

Location: Milton Keynes, UK




These are very strange times that the entire world is living through. We are a family who spend the majority of our time outside whether it’s in the woods, by a lake or at the coast. I’ve kept my family at home to try and keep them safe. We’ve adapted quickly to life staying home; homeschooling our children, speaking to friends and family more often, wine nights online and daily home workouts. I'm grateful that we enjoy doing activities as a family now more than ever. I'm grateful we have a garden when some of my friends live in apartments with no outdoor space, and some with children. I'm grateful that we have supermen and women keeping the country afloat whether it be in the NHS or stacking shelves. I'm grateful for the weather we've been having which hopefully lifts people’s spirits... and question whether the lack of travel in cars and planes been the reason for the clouds to lift? All we have to do is stay home to saves lives. - Lex Balladon


Sonni Honscheid 

Mizu Ambassador & Pro SUPer

Location: Sylt, Germany





After this time, freedom will have a new meaning - it will still be even more special! Stay strong, stay positive, keep up that routine of exercising, talk to you loved ones, help others, drink enough water, eat clean food, learn something new every day! Never forget - we are in the same boat, we have to keep paddling together to move it forward. Be smart - stay home. - Sonni Hoenscheid 


Clara Johanna

Mizu Ambassador, Skier & Photographer

Location: Innsbruck, Austria




In times like that we get faced with ourselves. We get time to think about stuff we wouldn’t think if life goes on! We think about others, we’re confronted with the dead, we realize how many people reach their limits for helping others. 

We get the chance doing creative homemade stuff or we get the chance working on new challenges and doing stuff for our bodies. In that kind of self-discovery I really realize how important my surroundings are. - Clara Johanna



Gemita Samarra 

Mizu Ambassador

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia




There has never been a more appropriate time to reset and appreciate who you are and make the changes you need to adapt into a more whole and tuned-in self. We’re not often presented with a forced opportunity to make self improvements but we’re all here now. Go within and learn that you had more than you needed of some things, and didn’t give yourself enough time or mental space to do other things. Love your family, love gardening, love cooking, love card games, love cleaning the windows, love cheesy home workout videos, love binging Tiger King and realising you’ve always actually been okay, love your body, your skin, your blood and your brain more than ever. Just remember... this is the first time in history we can save lives by staying at home and watching shit tv and learning how to actually knit. Let’s not screw this up. - Gemita Samarra


Dennis Marx 

Mizu Ambassador & Splitboarder

Location: Kramsach, Austria





Societies are in a slow movement these days. Use the advantage to absorb the beauty of our surrounding world to receive far more than you expected. - Dennis Marx


Katie Jo Meyers

Mizu Ambassador & Climber

Location: Los Angeles, California





I never really noticed the flowers before, the vast rainbow of kinds and colors growing all over my neighborhood.  And I never really heard the birds, their morning songs always lost to the rush of getting ready for work.  But I hear them now. And I see the flowers. I watch the sun set from my roof, dipping below the peaks of distant mountains usually lost in the smog.  But the air is clearer these days, the sky more vibrant, and though I can't visit those mountains, I've found that I appreciate seeing them all the more.  And as the earth has been given this moment to breath and heal, I’ve realized that so have many of us. Away from the hustle, we have this moment to pause and rediscover parts of ourselves that are normally lost to everyday life; to meditate, reconnect with family and friends, accomplish personal projects, try new things, or simply be present and see the beauty right in front of us. Normal life has been interrupted, and though it can be difficult and scary, I think it's also an opportunity to be reminded of who we are, all that we have, and on what an amazing and beautiful planet we live. - Katie Jo Meyers