Mizu Mission: Mamquam

This month’s Mizu Mission comes to us from Squamish, BC with Mark Tremblay and David Carrier-Porcheron (aka DCP) – friend of the Mizu family and founder of YES Snowboards. Both professional riders with many years of experience under their belts, they were itching to get a good ride in during the off-season. Check it out here: 


Along with the epic video that they made on the mission, we got to sit down with DCP and talk about his career, inspirations, and what he has learned along the way. Here’s what he had to say. Photos by Taylor Loughran (@adventures_and_fstops) and video by Paul Watt (@Whistler_Creek_Productions)


What’s up DCP? First off, tell us about your mission!

“There is this mountain that I see everyday when driving down my street. It’s called the Mamquam, and has a perfect couloir filled with snow throughout the summer. We were frothing during the off-season and wanted to get to the summit so bad and ride it. So, last July, we set out in hiking boots with our boards, tents, food, and other gear strapped to their backs. After an 8 hour approach, we set up camp at Darling Lake for the night.

The lake where we camped is pretty far off the beaten path, sits below the couloir we wanted to ride, and looks out at the amazing Fraser Valley. The biggest challenge on the hike wasn’t even the couloir itself, it was a log crossing on the way up [laughs]. It was wet and slick and with heavy packs on our only option was to sit and scoot across it inch by inch very carefully. Luckily we made it across without anyone slipping.


We had a noodle feast the night before, a little whiskey out of our Collapsible Shot Glasses, then woke up at 5am for the push to the summit. To our surprise, the couloir was filled in with snow right up to the summit. We were able to shred the whole thing from the top all the way down to our lake camp, strip off our snow gear, and dive into the water. Gotta love those cold alpine lakes to refresh after a big hike!


What inspires you to get outdoors and see the world on your board?

I think it has to do with the thought of unridden waves and powder slopes out there. The search for new, unique terrain that forms differently every time the snow falls keeps me motivated. The same goes for surfing and the search for another wave, a better one, a longer one, and, if I’m luckly, a bigger barrel [laughs]. That endless potential (even at your local spot) is what keeps me going because there are so many ways to see things differently as the weather and seasons change.


Your work takes you to a ton of places, do you have a favorite place to get outdoors?

Honestly, I love the mountains of British Columbia where I live. There’s just so much diversity here and something epic to do all year long. Chile and Japan are a close 2nd that I find myself constantly trying to get back to though. The Japanese Alps and the Andes have a ton of good snow to offer, and the waves of the south pacific are powerful and rugged. I’m lucky enough to have great friends in both places that are so kind and welcoming.

Who are you inspired by?

I am inspired by my wife Megan, my kids, and my friends who are successfully raising families while balancing work and play. Kelly Slater, Terje Hakonsen, and Ricky Mccrank are pretty inspiring to be riding at such a high level at their age.


What has traveling taught you?

Traveling has taught me that the world is big yet small, it has taught me how to be flexible and patient, and also that everyone, no matter where they’re from, are humans with stories, and everyone deserves the opportunity to be happy. It taught me that some humans are able to find happiness in the simplest of things, while others seem to need more possessions to be happy. It taught me that maybe, just around the corner, there might be a better spot to check the sunset or a better wave to surf. But, above all, it taught me to focus on the present and be happy with where I am now… what an incredible world we live in! 


What does “enjoy the journey leave nothing behind” mean to you?

It means that you should enjoy every aspect of the adventure, the ups, the downs, and don’t leave any trash behind as you experience the world. Have respect for the places you visit so that the next person can have the same beautiful experience that you did. Lastly, try to pick up a few pieces along the way!