Custom Partner Spotlight: Planks Clothing

At Mizu, we feel like we have kindred spirit brands across the globe -- brands that advocate for getting outside and taking care of our planet along the way. Our latest custom partner, Planks, is one of those.

Planks is a UK-based ski clothing brand founded by professional skier Jim Adlington that focuses on creating quality, sustainable products that stand the test of time. Get to know them below.

Q: Tell us more about Planks

A: We are Planks, a rider-owned, British, ski clothing brand born in the Alps. Our Head Office is based in the heart of Manchester, UK (what better place for a ski brand, right?) Our journey has taken us from a beanie brand in Val d’Isere, France, to an outerwear brand providing rad gear to rad humans all over the globe. Our vision is to build a movement of humans creating change through skiing.

Mizu M8 Bottle x Planks Clothing 


Q: How did you hear about Mizu?

A: We feel like we’ve always known Mizu somehow! We’re skiers, but we have a foot in the snowboard world too, so we’ve keenly followed Jussi’s journey with Mizu. To us Mizu is synonymous with the mountains and the outdoors so it’s great to now have a custom Planks x Mizu bottle.



Q: What about Mizu made us a great fit for your brand?

A: Anyone who is making durable, great quality, sustainable products is alright by us. Our ethos is very much the same, we want the Planks people to use and abuse their gear (in a skiing kind of way), safe if the knowledge that it will meet the challenges of everyday life. Buy good stuff that will last for a long time – easy!


Q: What are you going to be using your Mizu custom products for?

A: The M8 bottle is that everyday companion that we picked for its versatility. It’s a must-have, not only when skiing but on down-days and your daily commute. Our custom design represents you as a skier, wherever you find yourself on this crazy, beautiful planet.


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