Custom of the Week: Mizu x Caravan Outpost

We love teaming up with like-minded brands to help them create products that they love. For our Custom of the Week this week we're talking with Caravan Outpost in Ojai. Read on to learn more about the custom camp cups, wine glasses, and shot glasses that we did with them.
All photos courtesy of Caravan Outpost. Learn more about them at


First, what's Caravan Outpost all about?

We make magic moments. That's it. The entire enterprise exists so that our Guests can come to the Outpost and feel cared for and meet like-minded people. 


How did you hear about us?

Who hasn't? We've known Mizu from the very first moment you pulled a bottle out of a bag.

What about Mizu made us a great fit for Caravan Outpost?

We're linked by one simple question - "What can I create?" In the Outposts' case, it's to create a place of stunning beauty, where you can surround yourself with new and old friends and be inspired and renewed. With Mizu, you guys are out there creating a pathway for people to choose a better way of impacting the environment. It's all consciousness. It's all awareness and consideration for how you move through your time on earth. Our brands are connected by a much bigger wave-length, which is we came into the world inspired to change and improve what we saw.


What are you going to be using your Mizu custom products for?

We're not personally getting much of a chance to use them. They are already one of the top selling items in our store - we're running out.