Custom of the month - Mizu x Betty Designs

We'd like to give a shoutout to all the endurance sports enthusiasts out there! This month, we've teamed up with Betty Designs, a brand dedicated to showing that women can be both strong + beautiful in the world of triathlons and beyond. Read on below to check out the full story. 


How did you first hear about the Mizu Custom program?

Part of my role as the Founder of Betty Designs is staying current with trends on all things in the sports/outdoor market. Mizu started popping up all over the place in my social media feeds because of your partnerships with rad brands. I am always looking for hidden, niche, and/or undiscovered product to offer my customer base and Mizu is the perfect fit. Our customer is obsessed with being active, trendy and using anything that enhances their lifestyle.


What about Mizu and their custom program made it a great fit for your brand?

Bringing “stuff” into our line just to say we have stuff is lame and makes me want to puke. It is always more fun + interesting if we can work with a brand that means something. When you have a company like Mizu with a rad CEO, a world class athlete who isn’t a narcissistic sociopath (seriously if you ask anyone in town about Jussi they start freaking out and gushing) - that is a company I want to collaborate with. And when that company has a product that is at the top of the game, it is a no brainer. We take our brand collaborations extremely seriously and only collaborate with like-minded companies that share our passion for design + high quality product. Any collaboration we do has to be a win-win and we simply will not help promote a company we don’t believe in or a company that is run by a jerk.


What is your favorite product in the Mizu line up and how did you choose your custom product?

Stainless Steel Wine Cup! When I saw that I was like, “are you serious? I NEED to make this available to my people.” The fact that it came in white made it a slam dunk. It is totally unique. We enhanced it by adding our signature hot pink skull/butterfly logo to the front. Immediately, we sold out of our first 200. It is literally the perfect vessel to take camping or to the beach.

Does your brand support a cause initiative?

Our brand hosts an ongoing Kick Cancer campaign. We produce two of our kits with our Kick Cancer design and give proceeds back to two different cancer charities. We also recently launched a collaboration with Keep-A-Breast Foundation and from each sale, we donate back one of our betty x KAB limited edition cycling jersey. It seems that almost weekly we get communications from our customers with stories about their loved ones who are affected by the disease and we are extremely happy to give back. 


How does your brand live a Mizu Life?

Living The Mizu Life starts at the top. Many people don’t know it but I raced triathlons for almost 20 years and probably did over 100 triathlons in that time. Although I am no longer racing, if you follow me on Strava you will see that 12 -14 hour training weeks are the norm. Although the days of regimented training have been replaced by a mix of running, surfing, cycling, SUP, and skiing, I am pretty sure that whatever the heck it is that I do, it would be classified as a Mizu Life.  It should therefore be no surprise that our team of 265 Bettys are some of the top athletes in the sport of triathlon. They are a tight knit group. If you go to any race, you will see them racing, cheering their brains out, and causing general mayhem. They are all bold, badass, beautiful, feminine + strong.  We hope that everything internally at HQ and remotely through our Bettys, trickles down and inspires our customers. The goal is to encourage women to be confident in our bodies and strive to be the best we can be, both in sport and in life.  Practically speaking, we see ourselves as providers of functional sports apparel and accessories with an unmistakable edge that will help bring out the inner badass in any woman who wants to do more, achieve more, and look exceptionally badass while they are doing it.