California Dreaming with Jussi Oksanen

The temps are dropping and so are the leaves which means one thing:
Fall Camping Time.
If you follow Mizu co-founder Jussi Oksanen on Instagram (@jussioksanen) you’ll already know that he’s practically a pro-camper. Often on the road and always low-key adventuring, Jussi is a master at finding remote spots to pitch a tent and explore. We checked in with him to discover his 3 favorite fall adventure destinations in his California playground.
Worth a visit? We think so.
Alabama Hills. “When the weather cools off (November-March) this is my go-to camping spot. The views of Mt. Whitney are incredible. There are a ton of hiking and climbing adventures to be had, and the night sky is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I almost always stop here on my way to or from Mammoth.”
Borrego Springs.  “From North county San Diego, Borrego Springs is about a 2 hour drive, which makes it an awesome Fall spot. It’s too hot (for this Finnish guy) in the summer, but once the temperatures drop I love to head out there for quick one-night camping missions with friends, or even a day trip. Hike, ride bikes, shoot photos, repeat.”
Big Sur. “This has always been one of our family’s favorite spots at any time of the year, but in the Fall the crowds thin out and you can find yourself above the clouds at times, which is pretty unreal. There’s also a ton of public land and dirt roads on the ridge line where you can camp out and watch the sunset with no one around.”
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