Custom of the Month - Mizu X Jones Snowboards

Jones Snowboards is committed to being an outdoor industry leader in the fight against climate change. Founded in 2009 by the revered snowboarder, Jeremy Jones, the company strives to be a leader in the fight against climate change and minimize their environmental footprint whenever possible. Mizu is committed to Protecting Where We Play, so we were thrilled to create Jones' Snowboards' custom bottles, a company we have respected since it started out. Drink on!


How did you first hear about the Mizu Custom program?

I have known the beauty and quality of MIZU custom bottles for many years. Got my first MIZU custom bottle around 2010 - a white on white Protect Our Winters M8. Still have it to this day and it is still used weekly as a family favorite bottle. Can only imagine how many gallons of water (and cocktails) that bottle has held.


2. What about Mizu and their custom program made it a great fit for your brand?

Working with MIZU felt like a natural fit as both our companies share the same passion for adventure, respect for our planet and high performance design aesthetic. MIZU's mantra "Protecting Where We Play" directly reflects our company ethos as well and our work with partners like 1% For The Planet and Protect Our Winters.
3. What is your favorite product in the Mizu line up and how did you choose your custom 
We chose our custom products based on backcountry functionality. The M8 is truly the best size bottle you can carry when splitboarding. It is big enough to last you several laps, if not a day, yet it slips effortlessly into a crammed pack. You can always find room for the M8. The second custom product we made was a camp mug. The camp mug is for exactly that. When we're winter camping we mix our oatmeal in the cup before dawn and we drink our whiskey from the cup after dark 
4. Does your brand support a cause initiative? 
Jones Snowboards is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and a major contributor to Protect Our Winters. We also support the Association Community Carbon Trees which is a rainforest reforestation project in Costa Rica. Through all of our support we are primed to battle climate change on the front line
5. How does your brand live a Mizu Life?
#mizulife means squeezing every ounce of fun out of every day and sharing your passion for what you do. That mindset is exactly what drives all of us here at Jones. We are dedicated to  exploring wild areas of the world and sharing the good tidings of adventure whenever and however we can.