10 Ways to love our Planet with Captain Liz Clark

Mizu Ambassador Liz Clark sailor, surfer, author, and environmental advocate shared her 10 tips for reducing your footprint and loving the planet every day.





1. Stop using so much plastic

Invest in reusables and make a habit of bringing them with you to avoid single-use plastic





 2. Eat more whole plant foods & less meat and processed foods

Choose seasonal, local, organic, small farm or regenerative foods wherever possible. These food choices can reduce your carbon footprint up to 70%, boycotts pesticides & GMO, saves habitat & biodiversity by reducing land needed for agriculture, saves water, and more!




3. Vote for representatives and with your $$

    Vote for representatives that will stand up for the environment and support businesses that respect and give back to the planet.



      4. Reduce food waste & compost your food scraps

      If food waste were a country it would be the largest greenhouse gas emitter! Composting reduces methane emissions from landfills, helps build healthy soils, and decreases dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.




      5. Divest from fossil fuels

      Know where your energy is coming from. Switch to an alternative energy provider or invest in solar where possible!





      6. Repair, Reuse, and Upcycle

      Repair, reuse and upcycle by fixing instead of buying new, getting resourceful with what you already have, and repurposing your "waste" to give it a new life. 






      7. Educate yourself & Act Locally

      Educate yourself on locally issues by taking the time to research the issues at hand, leading by example, or joining a local non-profit. 




      8. Fly & Drive Less - Explore more locally!

      Reduce your carbon footprint by getting to know your backyard.





      9. When we do travel... offset your carbon footprint by supporting carbon sequestering projects like planting trees!




      10. Get out in nature and remind yourself how awesome our earth is!



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