Mizu is the Japanese word for water. We have engineered hydration products that reflect who we are and where we want to go. Enjoy the journey, leave nothing behind.


Our daily driver and most popular bottle. We like the vacuum insulated V8 on day long winter backcountry missions or warm surf sessions. The V8 locks in 750 milliliter of water, and keeps it ice cold during and after the adventure.


This lightweight single wall bottle is Mizu’s original design. It is our go-to piece for days that call for less weight and more adventure.


Beach days, fishing trips, camping excursions... You get the picture. The vacuum insulated V12 is your best friend when you have to step your hydration needs up a notch for a full day adventure where a refilling source may be scarce.


For travel and daily commutes, this sleek and slender design will fit neatly in your bag or back pocket. From subway to bikeway, the vacuum insulated S6 makes for the perfect carry anywhere companion.

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