Water Purifier - Adventure 4-Pack


The Mizu 360 Adventure Purifier 4-Pack  |  1 Year Supply

With the 360 Adventure Purifier, the world is your fountain. That winding river over there? Yup. The frigid lake at the top? Free water! Forty-gallon lifespan and removes 99.999% of contaminants including bacteria, virus, and cysts. Learn more about the Mizu 360 Filtration system here.

Tech Specs

  • Height:¬†2.4 in / 62 mm
  • Diameter:¬†1.9 in / 3485 mm
  • Weight:¬†1.4 oz / 40 gm
  • Compatible with:¬†360 Straw Lid for all Wide Mouth Bottles

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